domingo, junho 24, 2012

CIEA8 (Madrid) e VII Congresso de Sociologia (Porto)

The present paper aims at drawing attention to the importance of Communication for Development (C4D), a concept of capital importance for us as human beings - innately social and sociable ones - as it presumes an active and aware participation by poor, marginalized and information excluded communities on the public sphere (thus reversing the apathy and isolationism generated by Globalization).  The fact that is herewith demonstrated as cornerstone of a particular praxis - Community Radios - is owed to the evidence that these are a bona fide guarantee of human rights and freedoms in contexts characterized by extreme poverty of which the Developing Countries are an example above all in Africa.
Therefore, this text analyses the origin, evolution, framework, extension, trends, practices, components, objectives, advantages and privileged tools of Communication for Development. This is a concept whose relevance has been widely acknowledged in United Nations programmes that have supported Community Radios and NTICs as multi-sector tools for social and economic development and vital to the pursuit of the Millennium Development Objectives.